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"brush up on the basics"

Simborg says, "I study the match equity and take points, price of gammons, make sure I understand the Trice Formula and Keith Count...Doubling Cube Processand Rules of Thumb"

preparing for tournaments

Material in this section is loosely organized around some suggestions made by Phil Simborg in "How to Prepare for the Big Tournament"

articles on backgammon

the pip-count

“The Pip-Count of Monte Cristo” By Michael Crane A series of articles taking much of the drudgery from this necessary skill for serious Backgammon players. 

backgammon equities

Match Equity Table by Kit Woolsey
Article on Using Woolsey's Table Which Match Equity Table is Best?

Blog Comment 1.

Blog Comment 2.
Neil’s numbers: An easy method for remembering the equity table.
Committing a match equity table to memory (Very Technical)
PRACTICAL BACKGAMMON #4: "Match Equity and Doubling Windows" By Hank Youngerman

Price of Gammons

Gammon Price Defined

Gammon Price by Douglas Zare

Trice Formula

"Effective Pip  Count" by Walter Trice

Summary by Phil Simborg

Keith Count

"Cube Handling in Noncontact Positions" by Tom Keith

Doubling Cube Process

When to Double by Phil Simborg

The Doubling Rule by Kit Woolsey

Rules of Thumb

Backgammon Rules of Thumb by Phil Simborg